Ever wondered exactly how I spend my days? I’d thought I’d guide you through the step-by-step process that I go through as a wedding florist when creating stunning floral designs from your initial email to your big day!

What happens once I receive your email enquiry?

First things first – congratulations on your engagement and a huge thank you for considering me to create your gorgeous big day blooms! I’m always so honoured to receive messages from couples who love my floral style and are excited by the idea of adding wild, elegant and romantic flowers to their big day! But what exactly happens on my journey as the florist for your wedding?

I always begin by asking a couple to try and think about exactly what sort of style, theme and look they want to create with their wedding flowers. Modern, classic, minimal, rustic, wild, foliage-heavy? There are so many options, I know it can be overwhelming, but it does help me with selecting flower and foliage varieties if I have a few inspiration photos to go by so that I can really picture the size and style that you have in mind.

It’s also super helpful if you have a rough idea of what arrangements you would need – how many bouquets, boutonnieres and table decorations etc. Will you want to decorate the venue such as the aisle, the registrar table, a table-plan or card table? Would you like a large scale installation such as an arch or a decorated staircase? If you can let me know an ideal budget that would also be amazing – don’t worry if not, (I know for most people this is the first time they have ever planned a wedding and have no idea of costs) but a rough guide-price can be super helpful for me when calculating how many stems I’ll need to order to create your vision!

I’m always happy to chat via email, on the phone, by Skype or in person. We can always arrange a consultation to talk through all of your ideas so please don’t worry if you feel a little clueless when it comes to flowers. Part of the job of a florist is that I’m here to suggest lots of lovely ideas and options!

Zoe at Flourish and Grace writing notes in a notebook

How do I create an estimate for your wedding flowers?

The next thing I do is suggest the perfect flowers and foliage that will create the gorgeous arrangements for the style and colour scheme that you have in mind for your big day. I think about the flowers that will be in season, which varieties will complement each other in terms of appearance, and also I love to consider blooms that have gorgeous scents too!

I begin to calculate how many of each type of flower or foliage I would need to order to create your arrangements. Many people don’t know that flowers often need to be bought in bunches of 10, 12, 20 or even 50 stems! This means I then share the stems of flowers or bunches of foliage across all of the arrangements to work out just how much I would need to order. I also then add on time needed on the morning of the wedding to set-up at the venue, transport costs and also any other finer details such as sumptuous silk ribbons, bridesmaid hoops or hire of florist items such as vases or urns.

Zoe florist at Flourish and Grace Bristol creates a wedding flowers estimate using a computer

What happens next?

The next thing I’ll do is create a mood-board that reflects the vision I have for the floral design of your wedding day. This includes inspiration images (I do love Pinterest for this and have lots of boards organised by colour and theme!) along with a colour palette that shows the type of style and design that will be incorporated into your beautiful blooms. This will be accompanied by a detailed proposal which outlines the types of flowers and foliage that will be used and describes each of the arrangements in detail.

Once you’re happy with the overall proposal of your wedding flowers a non-refundable booking fee is all that is needed to secure your date. You’re then officially booked into my diary!

Changes can be made to your proposal up until one month before your wedding date so please don’t worry about making all of those finer decisions a year from your big day! Choices such as the colour of ribbons, exactly how many boutonnieres or corsages you need and whether you would like to include any ‘thank-you’ gift bouquets for the bridal party are often made at this time.

This is also when your final balance is due so I’ll pop across an email reminder and also discuss all the smaller details such as my arrival time, where you would like the bridal party flowers delivered (if not the wedding venue itself) and when I’ll return to clear down the venue if needed.

What happens in the week before the wedding?

In the days before your wedding I will have made a trip to the flower market or booked a delivery for your blooms. They often arrive at around 4am so I’m well practised in early starts! The flowers will then be trimmed and conditioned, given a good drink of water and helped to bloom into tip-top condition ready for the big day! I’ll then start creating all of the bouquets and arrangements, sorting out any vases or containers that need to be hired and counting out delivery boxes, candles, lengths of ribbon and pins for boutonnieres!

When the big day arrives rest assured that I’ll be awake bright and early putting the finishing touches to your beautiful wedding flowers! I’ll be performing any last minute checks of the bouquets, adding ribbons to boutonnieres and flower crowns and packing everything carefully into transport boxes before heading off!

Zoe florist at Flourish and Grace Bristol creates wedding bouquet with roses

What happens on the morning of the wedding?

I’ll deliver the bridal party flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns etc) to you, whether you are getting ready at the venue, at home or perhaps at accommodation nearby. I’ll also set-up the flowers at the venue or church as needed and arrange when any installations need to be moved if necessary (e.g. if you have flowers for the registrar table that are then moved elsewhere after the ceremony, or aisle flowers that are moved to decorate a fireplace etc).

If any installations need to be cleared or hired items (such as vases) need to be collected I will do this either in the evening or the following day depending on what works best for the venue.

And that’s it! Afterwards I’ll treat myself to a well earned cup of tea and pop across an email a few weeks later just to congratulate you on married life and thank you for choosing me to be part of your most special day. It’s always lovely to hear from my couples and I do of course appreciate it if you’re so kind as to leave a review for me on facebook or google.

One of my favourite things is also to see your gorgeous wedding photos so if you could let me know the name of your photographer or videographer that would be amazing! It also means I can then share the images across my social channels and give credit to them. It’s so lovely to relive your day all over again!

A bouquet of roses and ranunculus by Flourish and Grace

If you’re looking for a florist to add wild, elegant and romantic florals to your wedding or event I would love to hear from you! Pop across to my Contact page to send me a message or email hello@flourishandgrace.com and let’s get creative!